Saturday, 7 November 2009

What to do, what to do....

Mr WithaY is off out for the day tomorrow, weather permitting. I am wondering what to do with myself, home alone all day. I could get up to all kinds of mischief.

I toyed with the idea of going to Bath on the train to gawp at the redevelopment of the city centre, but then I remembered I spend fucking HOURS on the train every week anyway, so rejected that idea.

I could drive there, but parking in Bath is like a punishment for transgressions in a former life. I bet even people on their 50th incarnation, one small step away from Nirvana, still struggle to find a decent parking space in Bath on a Saturday. Unless they get there at 7am. Which they probably do, smug Karmic bastards.

But. But. Bath has some great shops.

Long Tall Sally for one. I always find lovely things in there, and buy them in a sort of deprived-villager shopping frenzy, having learned from painful experience that they will NOT be there next time I pop in. There always seems to be a sale on, with stuff on the rails in my size (that I admired but didn't buy at full price) reduced to eight quid. Who could resist?

Not me, matey.

Also, Lush. Now I am having a moral dilemma about Lush at the moment. They have taken a stance on an issue which I think is wrong; they are, of course, entitled to their opinion.

They are donating a percentage of the profits of a particular product to the hunt saboteurs association. I don't hunt, nor do I think I know anyone who does, but I feel quite strongly that the hunt saboteurs' methods should not be encouraged.

So, do I stop buying Lush products completely, to make a point? Or, do I continue to buy their other products, not the one which they are donating the profit from, as I am completely in support of their organic, environmentally-friendly, non-animal-tested, minimal-packaging, fantastic products?

Does the good that they do in terms of enviromental impact outweigh what I consider to be a bad decision to offer financial support to a group which I think shouldn't be encouraged?

Tough call. So many italics.

There are also some fine jewellery shops, but I am not really able to afford to buy myself a pair of huge solitaire diamond earrings this month. So. Arse.

I expect I'll just pop out get the papers, maybe watch a dvd as there is seldom anything worth watching on TV, play my guitar for a bit, faff about on the Internets, and drink tea. It's not a bad way to spend a day, especially if it's peeing down with rain, as the forecast is promising.

What Would Captain Kirk Do*?

*Other than teach alien women how to love, and get his shirt artfully ripped in a fist fight.


Isabella Golightly said...

The lush thing? I'd stop buying altogether. If they can think up something like this for one product, they probably have this mindset per se, which would worry me. I vote for your second saturday plan, DVD in pyjamas & a mid-morning nap...

Mr London Street said...

Bath is worth it for the sausage shop and the cheese shop alone. But I agree, parking in Bath is a purgatorial nightmare. One day they'll make it into a film starring Ben Affleck which will be only marginally more painful than the real thing.

Middle Sis said...

Go shopping early and make yourself happy with shopping.......and fudge. Then have a quiet afternoon guitaring, dvd-ing etc.


Anonymous said...

Don't support Lush!

livesbythewoods said...

Isabella, I am very tempted, but they do an awful lot of stuff which I think is brilliant, so I am really torn!

MLS, the sausage shop is a wonder of the Western World. We used to go and eat at the FishWorks restaurant next door but I'm not sure it's still there these days. And I'd brave parking in Bath if I got Ben Affleck at the end of it.

Middle Sis....mmmm fudge! Next time you come down we should pay that shop a visit.

Dragondays, I'm not at the moment, but it's more through lack of decision than an actual position I've taken.

Mr London Street said...

By the way: you're going to the blog
party in a few weeks? How exciting - that means I will (virtually) know two people there.

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

Hi, found your blog through, hmm, where was it? French Leave maybe. I'm a new arrival in the West Country and, probably, not far from you. I'm just discovering Bath but so far have had no problems parking. What am I doing right? Wasn't aware of the 'Lush' situation so thanks for the heads up. Will give them a wide berth.

@eloh said...

In younger days I might have had an eye out for a green man... if there are green women, then it stands to reason there must be green men.

Those shops sound nice... but I would stay off the train.