Monday, 2 November 2009

Money well spent

My train was 15 minutes late this morning, leaving a crowd of shivering pale commuters huddling in their coats on the platform. We were all clearly thinking "I could still be in bed."

Once the train arrived, and we'd all settled into our seats it became apparent why the people already on the train looked so miserable. The carriage stinks like a festival toilet on a Sunday afternoon.

So. I got up before 6am to wait in the cold for a train that smells of shit. And I'm paying just under five grand a year to do it.

Fucking great.


Anonymous said...

My experience mirrors yours, so I want to express my sympathy with you!
I moved to Salisbury briefly last year from another country and for 6 months commuted from Salisbury to my London job on a daily basis on the train.
At the end of that 6 months, I was beside myself with exhaustion from the long commute and full-time work and it has taken another year for me to feel like I am recovered.
I found the train service shoddy, inefficient, uncomfortable and developed a real phobia of the toilets whilst paying ridiculous amounts for the privilege. This was a real shock as I come from somewhere where we liked to complain about the train service, but in retrospect, really had very little about which to complain.
I feel for you!
(this is my first time commenting on your blog, but I have been reading and enjoying it for several months now)

@eloh said...

Geez... for five grand a year seems they could transport you all on satin pillows.

Sounds like some of our public systems when it's finally looked into someone in the "goob-ment" has been pocketing the transportation money.

DameEmma said...

WHAT? and that's in POUNDS? I am horrified on your behalf.

livesbythewoods said...

Anon, hello! Thanks for commenting! And the commut is just a pain in the hole, but at least I only do it three days a week. Salisbury has a lot to recommend it, but the train service isn't one of the main things.

Eloh, I think I should have my own private carriage with a silken litter to lie on. And a selection of tasty snacks. And a puppy.

DameEmma, yes. Pounds. I've had cars that cost me less. I try not to think what else I could be spending the money on (holidays, home improvements, jewellery....)

livesbythewoods said...
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