Monday, 2 November 2009

Slow on the uptake

I just discovered a handy feature on my iPhone. If you double tap the main button while you're listening to music, it brings up a mini iPod control panel on top of whatever else you're doing.

Playing Scrabble. Reading blogs. Checking Facebook. Following the progress of your train on-line rather than just waiting to see what the next station is.

Which is handy.

At least the train home is on time so far. Apparently this morning's delay was caused by "poor adhesion" which sounds like a modern way of saying "leaves on the line" to me.

Anyway, the problem was all West of Salisbury, so I look forward to that part of the trip. If I post from the train after 9pm, come and find me please. And bring gin.


Mr London Street said...

Next you'll be saying you don't know about the app that vaporises tiresome commuters...

@eloh said...

Consider it done....will also start gathering bond money should you set the stinky loo on fire.

livesbythewoods said...

MLS, I will pay a king's ransom for that app. But only if it's the version with the teleport function too. Obviously.

Eloh, thank you. You could email me some gin if it's still to hand.

Dan. said...

I hate my iPhone. Always dies, never gets any signal, a million apps that are hardly any good.


LOL cat’s app is funny though.

livesbythewoods said...

Dan! Noooooo! I LOVE mine, it makes my mental commute bearable.

The apps I use the most are Scrabble, solitaire, cascade, Facebook, BBC news, Telegraph on line, the fab night sky ones and a couple of drawing ones for when I feel creative.

The 3G signal's usually ok, I use the phone infrequently. Mind you, we live in the eighteenth century and have fuck-all reception on the house.