Sunday, 18 October 2009

Moon River

When I was out and about socialising with my mate Tall Richard on Thursday night, I took a few pictures of the Thames, as it was looking particularly scenic. Can't actually see the moon though. Sorry.


I like how the little bridge out to the boat is all lit up.  Very pretty.

And on the left, among the blurriness and poor light levels, you can make out St Paul's Cathedral.  Faaaar away in the distance.

The London Eye, all lit up and artfully bisected by a railway bridge.  I'm quite the photographer.

This is the north side of the river bank.  The Embankment, in fact.  Again rather blurry as I was using my phone to take the picture, and more of a concept than an actual picture of scenery.  The lights are pretty though. 

This weekend has been very pleasant.  Mr WithaY and I went over to the pub for dinner on Friday night, as he was home from his business trip rather later than anticpated, then we scooted home to watch the new Armstrong and Miller TV show, which we both found very funny.  Saturday was a constructive and enjoyable day, I did laundry, ironed, baked bread rolls, and in the evening we went out for dinner with some mates in the village.  Mmmmmm deicious dinner.

Today was a day of Sorting Stuff Out.  We cleared out rubbish and weedsfrom the flowerbeds, Mr WithaY mowed the lawn, I pruned the roses, and we pulled up all the stuff in the vegetable bed that had finished being productive.  Then, inspired by this diligence, we tidied out the garden shed and put the table and chairs away till next summer.

Very satisfying. My legs ache like hell now though. Time for a shower and getting stuff ready for my absurdly early start tomorrow.

Oh, and I can now play "She's Not There" by the Zombies. Which is one of my all-time favourite songs, so I am mighty pleased about that.

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Middle Sis said...

Armstrong and Miller are fab.....I liked the exam room teachers.