Friday, 16 October 2009


It's not that often that I read something on the news that makes me shake with fury. This, however, has made me incredibly, incredibly angry

Whatever one's views on the current conflicts, how cowardly and stupid do you have to be to mock someone who has been maimed horribly?

I can only assume that those cruel, spiteful, stupid boys gave no thought to what they were saying.  Not that that is an excuse.  Fucking scum of the earth, all of them.


@eloh said...

I wonder if they will remember the day they did this...when their "payback" comes full circle. Because, it will come, just as the sun rises every morning and sets every night.

Maybe an auto accident for them or years down the road for a loved child...just like hers.

livesbythewoods said...

Eloh, it beggars belief that they could behave in that way. In another age they'd have been laughing at public executions and going to stare at the inmates of Bedlam for kicks. Bastards.

Isabella Golightly said...

I tried to comment on this the other day but Blogspot was obviously aware of the smoke coming out of the functional orifice & wouldn't let me. What disgusting turds those boys are. May they one day wake and hang their heads in shame. But I doubt it.