Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Walking back to happiness

Things have been a little stressful of late. Poor Father-in-law WithaY is now back in hospital, and we are trying to establish what happens next. There is no easy answer.

Still, at least we know he is safe and warm and clean and fed, which is good.

Other news: There was a fire alarm at work yesterday, which was interesting. The alarm went off and the Disembodied Tannoy Voice told us all to remain at our desks until told what to do. From where I sit, I could see hordes of people leaving the building, and hordes of firemen coming in. Not a comforting sight.

After several repetitions of the DTV telling us to stay put, the announcement was cut short abruptly in the middle and we were told to evacuate the building immediately, without panic, and no running. So we did, and went and stood out in the shopping centre for 45 minutes. Luckily we had all had the sense to put our coats on.

Indeed, I had packed my rucksack and was ready to go home if the fire raged too far out of control.

Disappointingly, the fire turned out to be a false alarm and we were allowed* back in.

As part of my ongoing attempts to improve my health generally, I walked from Waterloo to Victoria yesterday morning. It was a glorious day, my train was already almost 20 minutes late (signalling problems) so I thought I'd enjoy some winter sunshine and stroll to Westminster, then get the Tube from there. By the time I got to Westminster Tube, I thought I might as well carry on and walk the rest of the way. So I did. Yay me.

It was so refreshing that I thought I'd do the same walk in reverse at home time. I got as far as Westminster Abbey where my right knee clicked painfully, and has been hurting like billy-o ever since.

Managed to walk all the way, but was limping by the time I got to the train, and then was crammed into a seat with insufficient legroom** which didn't help. At least I had a seat. Some poor buggers had to stand all the way from Waterloo to Basingstoke. Which is a long way.

Made cupcakes*** this afternoon as a mate of Mr WithaY was calling in. It was quite nice, taking a late lunch and making cakes. Made me feel like I ought to live in the 1950s.

Right. Time for my guitar lesson now. Haven't practiced much this last two weeks, so will be in the naughty corner I think.

*Forced by our keen management

**ie: all of them

***and very nice they were too. With butter icing and sprinkles on.


The Grocer said...

That's shocking, being told to stay put. I bet the fireman ripped into whoever was putting that message out.

livesbythewoods said...

I think they were trying to do a phased evacuation of the building. I assume so, anyway, rather than thinking they were playing fire chicken with us.