Saturday, 20 December 2008

Going postal

Oh yeah - if you are ever planning to send me a package, don't use City Link. They are bloody hopeless, on current evidence.

I have a package supposedly on its way from Amazon, who are usually absolutely no trouble at all.

I came home from work on Tuesday night to find a card through the door saying that City Link had tried to deliver my package, but had failed because there was nobody home to sign for it. All the other things I have had delivered from Amazon over the years have been left without a signature, but apparently this package is extra special.

Why? Who knows. It's not a Faberge egg, sadly.

So. I took the card to work with me on Wednesday and called the appropriate depot, bloody miles away in Bristol. They said "Your package is out on the van today, to be delivered." I explained that that would be no use, as I was in London. They said "Oh."

After a thoughtful pause, we agreed that my package would be delivered on Friday, when I would be home to sign for it, and take delivery into my own fair hands. And have a retina scan and full rectal probe if required*.

All day long I waited sadly, like a spaniel who had been left behind while everyone else went out for a long walk in the country.

By 7pm it was plain that my parcel was not in fact going to be delivered. This morning (Saturday) I called the City Link depot. The one in Bristol. The lady who (eventually) answered the phone was very pleasant, and apologised for the "confusion".

Um, no. You told me it would be delivered. It wasn't. That's not confusion, it's a cock-up. YOUR cock-up, to be precise**.

But anyway.

I asked them to deliver my package on Monday, and leave it at the Post Office over the road, as various other companies have done for us over the years, including Amazon.

"Oh no, we can't do that. You have to call the sender and ask them."

Alright then. Can we have it delivered to the house on Monday and just leave it outside?

"No, sorry, the sender needs to agree to that. You have to phone them and ask."

But it will be delivered on Monday, at least?

"No, you need to tell the sender, as it has failed to be delivered three times now."

But it wasn't even attempted to be delivered on Friday! The magical third time, apparently. I was in. All bloody day. Waiting. No parcel. Nothing.


She gave me the phone number of the sender ( try and keep up) and I left a tetchy message on their answerphone. We shall see if my package appears on Monday.

*You never know your luck.
**I didn't say that out loud. Wish I had though.


Mr Farty said...

Fuckwits. That is all.

justme said...

I had EXACTLY the same experience with City Link.......except I think I had to make several phonecalls. In the end they DID leave it outside for mr.....with the condition that I left a signed note outside for them to collect saying it was ok for them to do so!
It was only a book, too!

livesbythewoods said...

Mr Farty. Oh yes indeed.

justme, aren't they annoying? I was incandescent with outrage by the end of the phone call. Not a good look for me.