Tuesday, 30 December 2008

No news

Wow, long break. I suppose spending the best part of a week eating and watching TV isn't really terribly inspiring in terms of blogworthy adventures.

Christmas was pleasant. We ate a lot, possibly our own weight in turkey and ham, and watched more tv than seems feasible. Most relaxing.

It is fearsomely cold here at the moment. Yes, I know all the North Americans out there will be snorting with mirth at the idea, but to us a day which doesn't get over 0 degrees Centigrade is a Very Cold Day.

Am still trying to get over my disappointment at the lack of Dinotopia on the TV so far. Outrageous.

And tomorrow we are off to Homebase to buy replacement lighting. I'll keep you posted. Try to contain your excitement.

1 comment:

Mr Farty said...

No news is good news, and having just watched the news on tv, that is so true.

Hope Homebase went well for you - they haven't gone bust yet, then?

Happy New Year xxx