Sunday, 29 May 2011

The horror...

Have you ever bought some nice soft French cheese, maybe a small whole Camembert, and thought "I'll put that in the fridge, and in a day or two it will be just perfect."   Have you?

And then you make different meals that don't involve cheese in any shape or form.  And then, after a week or so, you've all but forgotten it's there.

Oh, perhaps you had to put it into a sealed plastic box after a day or two, as it was smelling particularly cheesy, but otherwise it's been no trouble.

And then, then, one day, your husband decides to rummage around in the fridge, looking for something nice for his lunch.  He finds the box with the small whole Camembert in it, and opens it in a spirit of keen scientific enquiry. 

He removes the cheese from the box, leaving it on the side, while he starts looking for cheese biscuits.

Readers, it only takes a very few moments for the smell of that cheese to permeate the entire room, then the house. 

I immediately began heaving violently, and had to beg him to take it outside.  He did so, doubled up with laughter as I gagged and retched into the kitchen sink, finally dropping the offending cheese into the wheelie bin in the garden.

We may be sued by the dustmen.


A Heron's View said...

We never ever put our Camembert in the fridge, the idea is sacrilegious!

It is supposed to eaten when soft and runny, for then it is at its best.

Next time send it to me I will honour the cheesemaker.

Middle Sis said...

The phrase "sorry, I opened the fridge" is often heard in our house when camembert is in season!

livesbythewoods said...

AHV - if I give it your address, I think the cheese could walk there itself.

Middle Sis - so you say. I have my suspicions. Also, Please do NOT bring cheese when you come down.