Friday, 13 May 2011

Glimpses of life

The week in snippets.

Sunday.  A quiet half-hour in the WithaY household, sipping tea and discussing the Vikings.

Me:  Would you fancy going to Valhalla when you die?

Mr WithaY (after a thoughtful pause)  I don't know. It sounds a bit raucous.

Me:  So, you'd prefer a quiet corner, not one of the carousing tables?

Mr WithaY:  Yes. I'd go if there was a chillout room.

Monday.  Arriving at my sister's house, as previously arranged via text, to spend the evening with her and the family, and enjoy some quality family time. And a lie-in on Tuesday.

The look of shock on her face when she opened the door was a picture.  Apparently she'd completely forgotten I was coming.   We decided to get an Indian take-away (brave, given my recent stomach upset, but you'll be glad to know there were no ill effects) as there were apparently only 4 burgers in the fridge.  Heh.

Tuesday.  Watched a flustered man in a pink shirt struggle to open his box of salad to eat on the homeward journey, lose patience, jerk frustratedly at the lid, and successfully tip grated carrot, beans, couscous and salad dressing all over himself and the table.  He muttered "...fuck...." sheepishly, scraped the mess up and sat there all the way to Basingstoke in a salad-dressing-smelling shirt.

Wednesday.  You know, I can't remember a single event from Wednesday?  Not one. Perhaps I spent the day asleep.  Or locked in a cupboard.  Or in another dimension.  In all events, I have nothing to offer.  Sorry.

Thursday.  Arrived home from work, to a house with a strange smell.

me: Can I smell vinegar?

Mr WithaY:  (proudly)  Yes!  I've been pickling!

Me:  Oh.  (with some trepidation) What have you pickled?

Mr WithaY:  Ash keys!  Look!  

He ran into his study and returned triumphantly, waving a small jar with, yes, pickled ash keys and a garlic clove floating in it.  Lord.

Me:  Oh.  Um.  Well done?

Friday:  Today has been all about fishwatching.  We've had seven fatalities so far in the last week - two of the new samurai gourami, two tiger barbs, a leopard cory and two neon tetras.  It may just be unfortunate coincidence, but Mr WithaY will be checking the water chemistry tomorrow to see if something has gone badly wrong.  Over a year with no sad, last, long flushings, and now seven.  In a week!  Gah.

Oh, and I had a guitar lesson which - forgive the term - ROCKED.  We played Sweet Child of Mine AND Freebird. 

Fucking rock and roll, man. 

Rock and roll.

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Middle Sis said...

So pleased there were no after effects as we only have a micro bathroom and many people to use it.