Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tired and emotional

I'm writing this from my sickbed, for a nice change. Mr WithaY has emigrated into the spare room so he can have his very own sickbed. In fact, in a bizarre one-upmanship stunt, he was actually sick a little while ago, while I am merely laid low with a blinding headache, intermittent chills and an increasing amount of snot. 

It's lovely at our house. I can feel your envy from here.  Or is that just another temperature spike? 

I was feeling a bit weird earlier in the week, but put it down to tiredness and intellectual burnout, as I had been dealing with huge terrifying spreadsheets for days.

As an aside, how did I end up doing scary finance, exactly? I have, more than once, mentioned my maths blind spot on this blog. If the whole country crashes deeper into the depths of depression, possibly exploding in a huge fireball of even more debt, I have a nagging fear it might be all my fault. Those pesky spreadsheets. 

Anyway.  Whining about ailments aside, it's been an action-packed  week so far.

Monday went like this.  I have abbreviated it for you, so as to spare you the unrelenting tedium that is my average working day.

Oh fuck no is that the time drive drive drive train train train train bus work work work spreadsheets work complicated formulae work work meetings work lunch from M&S work work TUBE gah! train lovely Middle Sis's house for dinner. 

They're doing something complicated to the escalators at Victoria station. Apparently we should "avoid the station between 4pm and 8pm" i.e. throughout the entire evening commute. Yeah right.  There's a one way system in place for the weary travellers.  You have to join the end of a massive snake of people, through the booking hall, across past the barriers, up the stairs, through the main overground part of the station, down some other stairs, back past the barriers but on the other side, then finally through the ticket barriers and down to the underground platforms. It took about 15 minutes, all told. 

I'm jolly glad I don't have to endure that every day.

I was going to brag about the pie I made for dinner, but since Mr WithaY was sick I've rather lost heart.

I hope we both feel better tomorrow. 


Doll said...

Get well soon Lucy !!! Both of you !!!
My best wishes and thoughts are with you !!!

Middle Sis said...

I have a bit of a sore throat and feeling a little under the weather. If it's your fault there will be trouble. You'll have to share Maff's room next time you come to stay.

Take plenty of fluids and get well soon, you and Mr. W.

livesbythewoods said...

Doll, thank you (sorry this is such a late response by the way!)

Middle Sis, we battled through it. We're brave little soldiers. I bet Maff is looking forward to that. Heh.