Thursday, 9 September 2010


I have discovered the bus, of late.  It's much easier than the Tube and MUCH cheaper than a taxi.  And, also, I can hop off and walk the remainder of the way to the office down Victoria Street, which is helping to keep my ankle on the road to recovery.

So, yeah, the ankle.  I went to see the doctor about it a week ago, as it was still swollen and tender, much like an unpleasant fleshy grapefruit.  Also, when I went downstairs first thing in the morning, stabbing pains assailed me, making me stop in my tracks and shout "Ow! Fuck it!"

Not a great start to the day.

So.  back to the doctor I waddled.  He was very nice, poked my foot, commented on how swollen it was compared to my non-mutant foot, and told me to get some physiotherapy.  I had the choice of waiting for a referral to an NHS physio (free but probably several weeks wait) or paying for a private session that I could have very soon (ooo-er matron).  I went private. 

The phyiso told me that I have severely damaged two of the three main ankle ligaments, although not the one she was expecting to be damaged, also the ligaments that go across the front of my foot, out to the toes.  That explains all the bruising and swelling of that bit of my foot, then.  She's shown me some exercise to do that will help to break up the scar tissue on my ligaments (ugh), build up the "wasted" muscles on one bit of my calf (ewww) and improve bloodflow to the "inflamed joint"  (ack). 

Oh, and she rubbed gel on my foot and did ultrasound.  That's like normal sound, but for SUPERHEROES.  She has strapped me up with gaffer tape (or the medical equivalent) to encourage me to walk around more.  I might post photos if I can work out how to take some at a non-terrifying angle.

Anyway, it's all mending and I am not limping any more.  The physio showed me how not to, and I have told everyone at work that if they see me doing it, they are to tell me off.

So far, so good.

Other news:  I've had a FANTASTIC idea for a film.  It's about a group of people in transit in a confined space, unable to get out or away, with a terrifying, venomous creature (or creatures) in there with them.  The working title is "Wasps on a Bus!", and I think Samuel L Jackson ought to be involved.


Middle Sis said...

We had an idea on holiday, it was called "Snakes in a car". Samuel L Jackson was the driver (obviously). It went something like this......................"EVERYBODY OUT" the end

It's a very short film.

Fignatz said...

Or then there's my film idea that's more terrifying than anything. It doesn't need Samuel L Jackson, because it'll work with just about anybody. Its working title is 'People in a Room'.

Isabella Golightly said...

From my deeply beloved memories of working in London & travelling on the tube, I believe "Farts on the Tube" would be a winner. I think Benny Hill should be involved and it would be something like ".....................everything out" the end.

It's short and it stinks. Nuff said.

livesbythewoods said...

They are all excellent, probably Oscar-winning ideas. I'd get the scripts filed with a lawyer before someone nicks them.