Sunday, 5 September 2010

Bags of style

Overheard on the train recently:

Elderly male hippy:  I was looking at a magazine the other day.  What was it called, now?

Elderly male non-hippy:  (not entirely seriously) Tatler?

Elderly male hippy:  No.  Not that.  LK?  GK?  PQ?  Something like that?

Elderly male non-hippy:  Don't know.  (Interested now) What was it about?

Elderly male hippy:  (After a deep-thinking pause)  GQ!  That was it!  GQ.  Fashion. But for MEN!

Elderly male non-hippy:  (Appalled)  For men?  MEN?  (shakes his head)  Naaaah.  Really?  Fashion?

Thery stare at each other, aghast at the thought.

Elderly male hippy (some time later)  They had bags.  For men.  Page after page after page. Of bags.  For men.  Just...bags.

I was tempted to stay on the train all the way to Exeter, just to eavesdrop. 


The Dotterel said...

So, what was said-males carrier of choice? ASDA, or TESCO?

livesbythewoods said...

Hello Dotterel, welcome! You know, I never even looked. What a missed opportunity!

Delilah said...

Just stumbled across your blog and this conversation you overheard is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!