Saturday, 13 March 2010

Dig it

Mr WithaY has a huge crack in his windscreen.

I remember when I had to get a new windscreen.  It was like a hobby after a while.  I'm almost jealous. 

Other news:  We've been doing stuff in the garden.  We've planted up a nice terracotta trough with pink and purple heather plants to attract bees, which looks very smart.  I hope the bees wipe their tiny feet and sleek down their hair tidily before they use it.

Mr WithaY sawed one of the useless water butts in half and we are going to plant seed potatoes in it.  The seed potatoes are sprouting in the kitchen, so I expect we'll plant them next weekend. 

We also ordered the timber and topsoil to make a vegetable bed to go at the end of the back garden, and have a lot of seeds ready to plant.  Carrots, lettuce, pak choi, French beans, courgettes and onions.  Well, the onions aren't seeds, they are teeny baby onionlings.  After last year's failure, I am not bothering to plant tomatoes. 

If we grow enough courgettes, I might be able to use them for something artistic.  You never know your luck. 

We've also got a pack of wildflower seeds from the BumbleBee Conservation Trust.  Mr WithaY bought me membership as part of my birthday present, which was a lovely surprise.  You get all kinds of nice things when you join.  A car sticker, a lapel badge of a charming little bee, the aforementioned seeds, a handy poster with pictures of all the types of bee in the UK, a book on bee-friendly gardening.  Go on, join up.

I'm still thinking about getting a beehive for the garden, but I will wait till we've sorted out all the hard landscaping first I think.  While we were at the timber merchant's I picked up a brochure for hard landscaping requisites, and am now all inspired. 

It's amazing what a few hours of sunshine will do for your enthusiasm.


UberGrumpy said...

I hope you get bees too - a buddy of mine keeps 'em and hers are all dying off.

livesbythewoods said...

Uber (can I call you that?), I am keen to get a pack of bees. I have bought a book of baby names so I can make sure they all feel wanted.