Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Case in point

In Waterloo concourse this morning, I was party to a conversation between two chaps who were nearby. 

Chap 1 was relating a tale of how crowded his train had been.  All the way from Winchester, apparently. 

"People were stood up in the aisles all the way from Basingstoke.  Basingstoke!  Well, nobody gets off till London, do they?"

"Naaaaa," agreed his companion.

"And there was a bloke sat in front of me with a case.  A big case, mind, on the seat next to him, and another bloke walked up and said "Can you move that so I can sit down, mate?"  A really big case.  A two week case.  Not a weekend bag.

"Right," said the other chap.  He seemed an agreeable sort. 

"Anyway, the bloke with the case said "But then what will I do with this?"  Pointing at  his big case.  A really big case, it was." 

The chap telling the story gesticulated to show how big the case was.  Looked pretty big to me, too.  

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah.  Anyway, the bloke who wanted to sit down said "Well, that's not really my fucking problem, is it mate?"  And the bloke with the big case had to sit with it on his lap all the rest of the way."

They both laughed uproariously.  I love London sometimes. 

Other news:  We are enjoying All The Weathers Known To Man this week.  So far we've had:
  • snow (yesterday morning as I drove to the station at 6.30, ugh)
  • dense fog (tonight, driving home from the station, making it even more like a trip through Middle Earth than normal)
  • torrential rain (most of yesterday)
  • bloody freezing clear cold (tonight)
I eagerly await blazing sunshine and high winds, then we've got the set.  Maybe I should patent a new game - Weather Bingo.  It's like Buzzword Bingo but you get points for witnessing (and producing evidence) of the different weather types. 

For example, you'd come indoors dripping wet and claim a point for Heavy Rain.  Or covered in ice, and claim for Really Cold Out There.  If your hair was wildly dishevelled and full of twigs and leaves you could claim High Wind.  If you came in on a stretcher you could claim Deceptively Icy On The Roads.  If you phoned in your claim from 200 miles away you could claim for Tornado.

I think Tornado would be the trump card, and the player who used it automatically gets extra points.

This could catch on.

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