Wednesday, 3 September 2008

News from the Front

So anyway, remember that dreadful interview I had? On Friday? When my hairdryer blew up and I fell in a hole? Yeah, that one.

Well, today they offered me the job.

They must have either been really impressed by my sang froid* or the other interviewees were even worse.

So now I have to find out what the package is they are offering. If I just took the job as offered, I would effectively be doing an extra 6 hours a day travelling for a £5K a year pay cut. And they hired me for my brains, I assume. So I won't be doing that.

Tomorrow I will talk to them and ask if I can either get my travel paid for, or a couple of days working at home a week, or, even better, a mixture of both.

And if they say no, sorry, this is the only package, I will say "Thanks very much for the offer, but I will not be accepting it."

How marvellous. I am not a complete waste of space after all. Yay me.

*Unlikely, I suggest


badgerdaddy said...

Job offer or no, I think you're ace.

livesbythewoods said...

Well thank you very much. It's nice to get external verification though, isn't it?

badgerdaddy said...

That's a tricky one to answer... Most people are ridiculously nice to me professionally, because they want to be in my magazines!
I like it best when Trophy Wife verifies.