Thursday, 7 November 2013

Unexpected item in the bagging area

I popped in to the supermarket last night after work.

Scene: The checkout.

Cashier:  Hello!  Can I help you with your packing?

Me:  No, I'm fine thanks.  (Loads shopping onto conveyor belt.)

Cashier:  Ooh, sprats.  We don't see those often.

Me:  No?

Cashier:  Ooh, Ciabatta.  I love Ciabatta.

Me: Yes, me too.

Cashier:  Monkey nuts!  It's funny.  I never really thought of monkey nuts being a Halloween food thing.

Me: .....


tpals said...

I'd be speechless too. I had to google 'monkey nuts', couldn't imagine what you were buying!

Mary Ann said...

I had to google too...we just call them peanuts here:)

livesbythewoods said...

These were in a bag labelled "Monkey Nuts" with orange and black Halloween designs all over it. Very odd.

Z said...

I think of peanuts in their shells as monkey nuts - but if you've never heard the term, the mind must boggle. Um, friendly cashier. Good to have someone engaged in their work, I s'pose.