Monday, 30 January 2012

Flaked out

Hello hello hello, no, not dead yet.

I've just not really been in the blogging mindset, I suppose.  It's strange, I feel as though nothing interesting enough to share with all you lovely readers is happening in my life, but I don't feel bored or miserable about it.

I have been doing some business-style organising, both for the Big Long Term Business Plan and my interim ongoing dressmaking thing.  I had some dressmakers business cards printed by - heartily recommended for fast service and nice-looking products - and some fabric sew-in labels for the stuff I make, and I am very pleased with both.

Almost professional, even.

Today, I woke up to snow falling.  Outside, I mean.  Well, we had the roof fixed in the summer.  The weather forecast said that it would have turned to "white cloud" by 10am but it was still falling at 2pm.  Perhaps Winter has decided to get its arse into gear, finally.

I prefer to think of it as the weather deities acknowledging that today is my birthday with a splendid, totally organic biodegradable ticker-tape parade for the whole area.  Yay, and indeed wahoo.

I had a fine cup of tea in bed, made by the equally fine Mr WithaY, exclaimed delightedly over my lovely presents, then we had bacon sandwiches (in the kitchen, not in bed, that would be far too decadent) while watching the snow falling outside.

After that, Mr WithaY went out to the garage to do stuff with deer*, and I cleaned the kitchen in a slightly frantic and anal pre-Mother-in-law-visit kind of a way.

Yes, Mother-in-law WithaY is coming to visit later in the week, having left the delightfully sunny South of France to visit the damp, cold and now snowy UK for a while.  She must be loving it today.  We spent a Christmas over there with her one year, and I recall sitting out on a terrace in the warm sunshine, sipping chilled white wine and eating delicious French snacks. On Boxing Day.  December the 26th.  I think I wore a sleeveless dress and a light cardigan, if memory serves.

It's not like that today.  We're going out for tea later, I plan to wear at least five layers for the walk across the village.

Maybe it'll snow some more.  If it does, I don't mind.  I have a toasty new hot water bottle, thanks to my lovely Mum.

*Nothing dodgy, honest.  He's got a proper game dealer license and everything.


KAZZ said...

Happy Birthday Mrs may not be snowing but with 50 mls of rain in 2 days & only 23 degrees our weather isn't much better than yours at the moment...if the grapes do ripen enough to be picked they will all have botrytis, mildew & mould so it could be a very lean season...Cheers anyway

@eloh said...

Happy Birthday!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday to you. We have snow at the moment but a friend saw a wooly bear caterpillar it:) Now if one of those is walking about having unthawed itself then spring must be on it's way....maybe.

Isabella Golightly said...

Snow? In January? Oh, that's right, you live in that other hemisphere. Happy birthday anyway! PS Word verification today is "fulashio", which sounds like some weird japanese sex technique. Just sayin'.

Poppy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and may the year ahead be phenomenal!

livesbythewoods said...

Thank you all! Sorry it's taken me a week to reply, though.