Thursday, 9 June 2011

Drying out

I have spent the last few days engaging in all manner of old-fashioned housewifely activities.  By that, I don't mean spending three days boiling water, shaving soap flakes, scrubbing and mangling linen sheets, or having to walk 5 miles to the shop just to get some sugar. 

No, I have been dicking about with roses.  I'm turning into some sort of delusional Marie Antoinette type, I think. 

Our garden looks gorgeous at the moment; all the roses are in full bloom.  I have spent quite a lot of time and effort over the last 10 years getting some traditional scented varieties to grow out there, and it has paid off.  Rather than simply admiring the roses outside, or cutting a few for a little vase in the house, I have been harvesting them.

Yeah.  Harvesting. Like a farmer.  Hence my Marie Antoinette delusion.

I am going to dry them all out and make delicious smelling pot-pourri and shizzle. 

I started with the dark red roses, which have almost black buds and smell amazing.

Then I got a bit carried away and added some Rosa Mundi stripey ones and pale pink Chaucers.

Then some yellow and pink ones.  I have no clue what they are called. 

Some of them have already dried out, and I am keeping them in a dish till the others are ready too.

The others are shrivelling up satisfactorily, and ought to be ready in a couple of days.

In my head, I am an Eighteenth Century lady of leisure, in a huge country house.  But with a washing machine.

To keep up my bucolic dream, I made some bread the other day.  I had a go making a ciabatta, rather ruining the traditional English country house dream by adding Italian trendiness.

It was shite.  Look.

That's a teaspoon - yes, a TEA spoon next to it for scale.  Laughable.

So yesterday, in an attempt to revive my flagging bread making reputation, I made some by hand, not in the machine.  It turned out alright.

Mmmmm, bread.

Here's a porn-style close up for you to enjoy.

Fwoar...look at the flour on that.


A Heron's View said...

Of course you could have made some delicious Rose petal wine instead :) ?

Your bread looks nice and crusty, can imagine a slice or to of that well buttered and topped with strawberry jam & clotted cream on top - m'mm yum

livesbythewoods said...

AHV - Mr WithaY is making weird alcoholic beverages from birch leaves, and has plans for Elderflower champagne. I shall stick to my small shrivelled rose leaves. And the bread makes a rather fine ham sandwich.

Slyde said...

you KNOW what i first thought of when you said "housewifely activities", dont you?

of course you do....

livesbythewoods said...

Slyde, you're a very bad man. Good job you're so damned good looking.

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

THAT's a lot of rose petals.

Middle Sis said...

Cooooooooooooooooooooor (In a Syd James voice)I love your baps!

One who has been changed said...

Your beautiful roses are reminder of just how much God loves us and wants our lives to be sweet smelling savory for Him and to bless others. Your bread reminds that Jesus said that man does not live by bread alone but by the word of God. Jesus the Christ died to pay the price for our sin so we would not have to. All we have to do is repent and accept the payment.(check out book of John in the Bible). Life is short but eternity is forever therefore those who are wise seek the Kingdom of God.

badgerdaddy said...

I agree with everyone, but especially One Who Has Been Changed.

Isabella Golightly said...

Wow. I just thought they were rose petals and bread. See what happens when you leave your job? You become blessed. Let us know when you start walking on water, OK?

livesbythewoods said...

One - Um, hello. And thanks. I think.

badgerdaddy, you're so agreeable. Lovely.

Isabella, it's all change here, I can tell you.