Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Village Fete 2009

Here it is. The post about the long-awaited, eagerly-anticipated WithaY entries for this year's Village Fete contest.

First, mine. It's called "March of the Penguins" and I think that if the BBC sent a specialist film crew to my kitchen, they'd save a lot of money on air fares for their next high-end nature documentary series.

In fact, I wish I could use Photoshop, because then I could add David Attenborough in one corner, looking at this touching scene, and you could all imagine him telling us about their feeding habits.

But I can't, so bollocks to that idea.




Awwww, so cute!

Mr WithaY, as one might expect given his track record, and fierce wish to defend his title from last year, came up with this:




It's a startlingly accurate representation of a lion fish, mostly made of sweet potato.

Check out the whole gamut of entries over at Belgian Waffle, but be warned. There are some seriously odd people out there.

Apart from us, I mean. We're just lovely and slightly off-beat. Not odd.

No no no.


@eloh said...

I'm saying I like your Penguins...but DANG...that Lion fish looks like a winner.

Good job to you both!

Mr Farty said...

Holy crap, y'all! Awesome!

Mr WithaY takes his competitions seriously, I see.

screamish said...

that fish is truly amazing....

screamish said...

great!! i want one too