Wednesday, 13 May 2009

It's getting better

So, how is everyone? Things here have been quiet, as you might expect.

Mr WithaY is remarkably cheerful today, which is a relief. He spent much of yesterday being violently sick, I suspect from the antibiotics he is on. Today, though, much less sicky, and consequently much more cheerful.

I worked at home yesterday as I was anxious about leaving Mr WithaY on his own while he felt so bad, but I will head into London tomorrow as he seems to be doing better. Our lovely neighbours have been calling in now and again to make sure he's ok, which has made us both feel much better too.

I took him to the local hospital to get his dressings changed today, and apparently things are healing up well. It will be interesting to see how his middle finger heals up as the bone wasn't damaged, but a big chunk was lost.

Do fingers regenerate? If there is a molecular biologist in the house, please do let me know.

Other news: Before all the alarms and excursions on Saturday I made a start clearing out my wardrobe, piling things in a heap on the floor. My rules for heap-addage were as follows:

Anything I haven't worn at all in 12 months.

Anything that I do wear but which is horrible and faded and shabby, like half a dozen cotton v-neck t-shirts from Long Tall Sally that are all pale and tired and washed out*.

Anything that I put on and then take off again immediately because I think it makes me look fat**.

Anything that I bought from a catalogue because it was a bargain, and then realised was a stupid mistake. For example, oddly-cut knitted tops from Next that looked interesting in the picture but which display bra straps and/or bellybutton at inopportune moments.

Anything I used to wear "just for the gym" and nowhere else. I don't go to the gym any more and a collection of decrepit saggy t-shirts is not ever going to make me feel good about myself.

Anything that I have worn holes in, even if I still love it.

Anything with unshiftable paint stains from when we decorated the house years ago, that I have kept "just for decorating in".

It made for a very big heap.

About half of it went into the bin, and it really, really hurts to throw away clothes, even when they are worn out and shabby and full of holes. The remainder, some brand new (well, never worn, at least) went into a big bag and got dropped off at the charity shop on the way home from the hospital.

And now I feel much better for it.

*A bit like I am today

**I know I am fat, but I like to pretend I'm not


Z said...

Well done on the turn-out - my wardrobe is long overdue for one. I don't necessarily get rid of things I haven't worn for a while - keep 'em long enough and they'll be back in style but the best things to get rid of are the mistakes.

Glad Mr W is feeling better.

Middle Sis said...

Well done on your wardrobe clear out. After that list of thing to go, did you have anything left to wear? Do you want to know what I do with my old clothes? I wear them!

Peter said...

Just caught up. Ouch! And Ouch! again. My ex-wife bless her lost the end of her finger a couple of weeks before we got married by poking it through a savage letter box. It did grow back. Hope Mr WithaY regenerates too - although his ones sound more traumatic.

There's nowt like a plastic bag with bits of finger in.

livesbythewoods said...

Z and Middle Sis, it is remarkable how great you feel after a large clear out. I might do it again soon. But this time with baking trays!

Peter, he is improving, thank you. I hope he regenerates a bit, at least on the finger with no bone damage.