Monday, 27 April 2009


I was right. It's absolutely pissing down.

Aah, nothing says 'Monday' quite as well as getting up at 6am and standing on a rain-swept railway platform.

Except getting on the train and remembering that you were meant to book a group of people in at the office reception for an early meeting, and you completely forgot to do it.



Middle Sis said...

My excellent Monday thing.....I ordered 200 maternity grant forms from our wonderful government, who then sent me 200......boxes. I now have 2000 forms. My manager was sooooo pleased!

Ookami Snow said...

I like the rain, but forgetting to book a meeting? Ouch.

livesbythewoods said...

Middle Sis, that is brilliant. I suggest you use the extra forms to make origami decorations for the maternity unit.

Ook hello there. Yes indeed, it was all very mortifying. At least I got to reception with a Post-It note with all their names on in time to salvage myself slightly.